Bed Bug Blood Stains On Sheets Pictures

If you look at pictures of bed bug bloodstains on bed sheets, it’s pretty gruesome. But in real life, you may not even notice the stain! As shown in many pictures for reference, the bloodstains left behind from the over-friendly bed bugs are smaller than a dime. Usually forming a circle, the blood can at times be found in a straight line, in resemblance of a shooting start.

Types of Bed Bug Bloodstains

There are three types of bloodstains from bedbugs:

  1. Fresh
  • Visible blood could be an indicator of bedbugs, but is inconclusive. Double-check that the sleeper doesn’t have an open wound or her period.

Bed Bug Blood Stain

  1. Processed blood meal
  • Dark in color, more black than red
  • Spots or smeared blood trails
  1. Old marks
  • Usually black & washed into fabric

What Are They?

Bloodstains such as those described above are fecal matter from the bloated bedbugs and smeared when popped, similar to that of mosquitos.

How Do I Remove Bloodstains?

  1. Soak the bloodstained sheet in cold water
  2. Treat heavy stains with hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar

How Do I Spot Bedbugs?

If you are exterminating the bedbugs yourself, there are a few things you can check for, aside from bloodstains.

  1. Closely check the mattress and box spring for any further blood stains, especially the seams
  2. Smell the room — bedbugs produce a sweet smell similar to that of almonds
  3. Look for exoskeletons on the sheets — bedbugs shed their skin as they grow

Bedbug Extermination

It is generally advised to call in the professionals for bedbug extermination as the process requires heavy chemicals which can be dangerous if misused. However, Bed Bug Bully sells product with stellar reviews. Products such as Bed Bug 911 Hygea Natural Standard Mattress Cover provide protection and prevention of bed bugs as well as dust mites and other allergens that can live in a mattress.