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How to Use A Ceramic Tile Cutter

This is hand-powered tool which is used for making straight cuts on any glazed ceramic tile. It has breaking bar, lettering wheel that can slide along the rail and base with slight rise down at its centerline. Tile cutter can make fast work of cutting tile to fit edges and borders. If you don’t know how to use ceramic tile cutter, look at these steps.

Mark the cobblestone with marker

You need to make tile with marker on where you want to cut it. Place your tile against the tool’s fence with glazed side facing upward and then you line up the cut point on cobblestone with raised center line of the base. After that, adjust the try square to hold your tar in alignment for cutting by using wing nuts or thumbscrews.

Oil the cutting wheel of scriber

You’ll do this by setting the scriber’s cutting wheel on cobblestone edge and make sure to be close to you. Thrush it away down the rail until you reach the end of rail and then you put some downward pressure on scriber handle while pushing. Avoid pulling scriber backward to you because you can hurt yourself. Don’t apply much of oil only little amount.

Place breaker at end of tile

When you’re done with the scoring hit, the breaker on back of scriber will be in the ideal place. You need to thrush down solidly on scriber handle to snap the flagstone in half along scored line. What you need to accomplish your task is that you need marker, tile and oil.

Using this tool will be very simple for you. You only need to follow these three steps and you are done with your work. But the important thing here is that, you need to be more cautious when extricating the scriber, because if you do anything wrong, you will harm yourself. Before you start your job, ensure that you have wing nuts or thumbscrews for aligning your tiles. To have more info about the cutter please check this out