Who Are We

I grew abreast of a farm in Montana and spent my childhood encircled by dogs, cats, cows, and a spread of different animals too varied to say. At age eighteen, I left the farm and briefly affected to point of entry for school. 3 decades later, I’m still here. My husband Randy Spears was the primary male I encountered whereas entering into my student residence at the University of Washington, therefore I will honestly say that I am affected to point of entry and married the primary man I met.

My career selections are as eclectic as they need been fulfilling. I received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and worked as an exploration engineer till I noticed I liked hanging out with individuals higher than machines. Back to University of Washington I went, this point to check leadership. I received a Masters of Business Administration in 2003 and worked as an structure adviser for many years before turning into a site manager at Leighton Offshores.

In 2007, I celebrated the new millennium by Planet Health to pursue a career teaching yoga. My friends and associates thought I’d gone crazy, and that they were most likely right. Still, I became an authorized yoga healer and opened my studio, Graines De Soliel Life Yoga, in 2013.

Happy Health,
Velvet Spears